Dry January has got me ready to be buried

Happy New Years you beautiful bad asses! I'm starting this year out participating in the Dry January Challenge which means no drinking for a month and we are on day 2 now, with a long way to go! Now I know what you're thinking...hell froze over! But no, I'm doing this to prove to myself that I don't need alcohol to enjoy life and relieve the stresses that come along with it. Although the craving remains, I am getting more work done than ever before. Soon I'll be like Happy Gilmore if he'd have trained with Chubbs instead of going straight to the pros, unstoppable son. 

But moving on, January 18th marks my first show of the year with the Hustle God, Bezz Believe and it is sure to be an event. Music video shoot included so be there early and make sure you contact me for your ticket. That will also mark the day of the completion of my new album, dude out in the Spring. But in the mean time, stay on the look out for new singles dropping almost every week, featuring my favorite artists from all over the country. You can catch them on Spotify and all your favorite streaming services, but use Spotify. I'm trying to get those numbers up.

Finally, early Summer is shaping out to be a banger. I currently have 3 massive shows booked, sharing the stage with the biggest artists I have ever imagined doing a show with, and some that I still can't believe I get to be apart of. I will release the info on those shows as soon as I have all my info together for it.

Thank you for all the support last year, whether you are a friend, fan, collaborator or family member. Last year was bigger than I could have ever imagined and with your continued support, this year is going to make me look lazy last year. 

Much love and respect you bad motherduckers! Duck yeah!



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