Shooter Sharod to advance to next round of Master of the Mic

Last night, the RCX productions team was in the building at the Master of the Mic at the Rubber Glove in Denton, TX. The event was thrown by Callie Dee of Red Empire and hosted by last years Master of the Mic and local rap legend Alsace Carcione. Both RCX and Shooter Sharod performed and competed, with the Twin Kings joining Shooter Sharod on stage. There was a lot of stiff competition in the building and a lot of high quality artists. At the end of the night, Shooter, with the help of the Twin Kings, walked away with a spot on the next round of the competition. Congratulations to Shooter Sharod!

Videos of both Shooter's performance and RCX's performance are currently being posted. Contact Shooter Sharod or the RCX Productions team to get your tickets for the next round of the Master of the Mic, and let's cheer Shooter to victory.

Thank you to all the other artist we met while at the show and please contact us if interested in production or studio time and also stay in contact with us for your chance to jump on some upcoming shows.

RCX Live:

Shooter Sharod and Twin Kings Live:

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