RCX is a Texas native determined to stake his claim as the Don of Dallas Fort Worth and beyond. While chasing music, he has traveled all over the country, leaving his mark on new fans, while drawing inspiration from them. Starting his career in Wichita, Kansas as one of the founding members of Riot Nurse, he developed a love for punk rock and hip hop, collaborating with rappers on both hip hop and punk rock projects. From the gritty, cold streets of Chicagoland, to the blazing sands of Texas Tejano, RCX mixes his down south passion with his midwest darkness. With every step on stage his goal is to leave spectators engaged and amazed.

Music has always been a life style for RCX. Since his youth, he wrote lyrics and produced music, putting out tapes and CD's to entertain his peers and horrify their parents. He studied music theory and production to hone his skills which resulted in his first terrestrial radio spin and interview early in his career, along with countless shows, sharing the stage with his idols including Mayday, Stevie Stone, Kutt Calhoun and JL of Strange Music. He has also shared the stage with legends Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Bezz Believe and Seckond Chaynce. 

With the achievement of each goal and the recognition of each dream, new obstacles continue to present themselves, but none of which he won't overcome. RCX and his crew of outlaws are determined to ride North, South, East and West of I35, delivering all new sounds, styles and spectacles to the towns that lay in their path. As he rides into the future, RCX stays determined to dominate his greatest competition - himself.




When it comes to live shows, he never fails...