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Written and Produced by RCX. Recorded at RCX Productions. Mixed and Master at W.A.R. Studios in Aurora, Illinois.


I'm an outlaw

I'm here to make this rap game all about me/Like white people during a national tragedy/And if you can't feel the gravity of my winning mentality/I'll rip your spine out like Johnny Cage, fatality/Subzero with the flow, while my enemies atrophy/Dissing me but they be lacking originality/Living in a lack of color, no cult of personality/I fuck up beats while they be living in chastity/Serial thieves of material like Carlos Mencia/Y'all ain't shit less I can look you up on Wikipedia/Take some Pepto to relieve that verbal diarrhea/I love burning you pussies call me MC gonorrhea/Shout out to all my enemies, saying my shit is wack/Or that I'm chasing a fad, and that this is an act/I hope it irritates you when I rap/Like the clap, when I snap/I'm back like a break out, get some Valtrex

I can't be a country singer, cuz Mommy and Daddy won't buy me fame/I can't be a rock and roller cuz I'd have a stupid ass stage name/I can't be a producer cuz all the beats I make are wack/I can't be a rapper because I'm not black

I guess I'm gonna be a criminal

I'm a cowboy from Hell with a vision/On a mission, to take over like a riot in a prison/And if I don't make it as a musician/I might fuck around and kill a politician/But I don't keep a weapon in my possession/Cuz if I did I be causing over population in heaven/This white devil's taking over better call a reverend/Cuz my goal is to become every woman's obsession/I'm an outlaw, fuck the law, like O'Shay/Cuz them pigs ain't got no love for me/They just take and take and take, while promising change/I'd like to form a gang and lynch them or cleanse them in flames/They wanna put the world in chains but I ain't having that/And fuck the entire presidential cabinet/Concealing conflicts of interest behind American flags/I'm like Chic-fel-A, I hate those fags

I can't work a normal job because it makes me wanna kill my boss/And give the finger to every customer I come across/I can't be a preacher cuz I don't wanna touch on little kids/In fact, I can't be a teacher either cuz I hate those little shit

I guess I'm gonna be a criminal

Rolling through the suburbs, pissing off rich whites/With the 808's humming like a thunder strike/Staring at Milf titties while they exercise/Flipping off traffic cams as I run red lights/What's with everybody thinking they have the right/To criticize the way I write/How I rock the mic and live my life/Shit, even my family thinks I'm the antichrist

I can't be a politician cuz I'm no good at telling lies/I can't be a police man cuz being crooked is justified/I can't be doctor cuz I ain't got enough brains in my head/Same reason I can't be a lawyer, somebody'd probably end up dead