Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Session Works Studio in Hurst, Texas. Produced by Ryan Murphy. Written by Ryan Murphy and Rob Stallings.


The party never stops, down south, down south/All the girlies looking hot, down south, down south/Popping many shots, down south, down south/Yeah, we know how to rock, down south, down south

(Ro'Bee Stallings)

I like country girls and whiskey/Liquored up they get friendly/Solo cups, we fill em up/Till every bottle is empty/Met a girl name Kristy/Introduced me to Mindy/Said, "Where I'm from, we get em done/And baby boy, you gonna miss me/Two Naughty Thots, with body's hot/Doing body shots on them table tops/In the spot, jamming country rock/And a little bit of that hip hop/Finesse, game, seen the chain, seen the name, she know what's up/Ro'bee, I know ya mane, I heard your song, you're blowing up/Country party's, hella awesome/Money falling like trees in autumn/Small problems, we ain't worried bout em, Small problems, we ain't worried bout em/Down south, that's where we at, Lone Star put us on the map/Your song say "No time for that"/But if they want the beef then I got yo back


I'm from the town of them cowboy's, the town of them bosses/Where we always making profits and never taking losses/And I be looking good every time my ass flosses/Like I'm a dentist and it's just another day at the office/In my ride, banging beats, crawling slow like a mollusk/In the passenger seat, next to me, there's a hottie looking flawless/We fin to meet up with the crew, get buck wild and lawless/And if you're looking for a good time, pick up that phone and call us/Cuz we kicking it, around the fire pit, swisher sticks lit/Sipping drinks, mixed, flipping shots, we don't baby sit/No counterfeit, no hypocrite, we only be about that real shit/Rocking till dawn or till the cops come, Everybody split

I got my grill steaming when I'm down south/I got them girls screaming when I'm down south/It's always hot never freezing down south/Man, I'm never leaving down south/

When we say "down," you say "south"