"Jump Off" is a video edited by RCX. The song was written by Alexander featuring one of RCX's hardest verses yet. The video was shot in Garland, TX, and debut on 5/4/18.

This is RCX's second video from the "Lone Star Outlaw" album called F5. The album version of the song features a verse from the "Lone Star Outlaw"'s mixing and mastering engineer Yung Prophecy and a verse from RCX's Smoke'm Records family, Mikey G, now the founder of Ill Mind Entertainment in Denver.

This is the first music video off the "Lone Star Outlaw" album. Release a year and 2 months before the actual release of the album, RCX's "No Time For That" features a cameo and verse from his good friend Shooter Sharod.

This is one of RCX's first songs ever recorded after his move to Texas from Illinois. He met up with rapper Jon Banks from Dallas, TX, and joined his rap group Fust. The group did not last long unfortunately, due to creative differences but they did leave a few gems, including this track.